The Flash Green Mirror goggle uses KLAIR™ electronic anti-fog technology to keep your vision crystal clear throughout your ski session. Better than any anti-fog coating, KLAIR is a transparent thin-film electrically conductive layer placed between the goggle's two-part lens. A quick tap of the side button boosts KLAIR's anti-fog technology in foggier moments, while a prolonged press counters fogging for the duration of the six hour battery life. Includes a USB wall charger and a micro USB cord that charges the battery within 3 hours.


This goggle also features a high-quality impact resistant, Carl Zeiss lens, and the lens is interchangeable for customizable tints made for every condition. Each lens has an anti-scratch coating for additional durability on both the outer lens and the inside lens too. Unlike every other goggle in the business - if this goggle gets wet inside feel free to wipe it out. Goggle ventilation pulls cool air in for better comfort.


This frameless, helmet-compatible goggle provides an expended view through the toric lens design, and its adjustable strap has a memory knit for customized comfort.


The Flash Green Mirror lens features a green reflective finish with a slight rose base tint that works in all conditions.


VLT - 34%



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