Heated lens guarantees fog-free days on the mountain.

Once you’ve dropped in, there’s no turning back. But a fogged-up lens can stop you in your tracks. What if you could stay fog-free, all day, guaranteed? Enter Abom's heated, fog-free goggles, with technology so advanced, it’s used by the US military.

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You’re at the top of the run and ready to rip it up. But there’s a problem we’ve all had that will stop any session cold: fogged goggles.

Problem: Goggles fog when warm air condenses inside the cool inner lens surface.
Solution: Hit one button and stay fog-free while our patented rechargeable technology heats up the lens all day.
ABOM One googles

See it in action

The ABOM ONE has revolutionized the optics industry:

  • Fog-eliminating heated lens system
  • Easy-swap lenses and nine available lens choices
  • Polycarbonate inner lens with anti-scratch coating
  • Six or more hours of use before recharging


The ABOM HEET takes heated lens technology to the next level:

  • Fog-eliminating heated lens system
  • Smaller profile for maximum snowmobile helmet compatibility
  • Environmental sensor for lens heat auto adjustment and power conservation
  • Lightweight elastopolymer frame and system
  • Easy-swap lenses and ten available lens choices