Snowboard Binding Angles for Beginners

With all of the customization available with snowboard bindings, there is one variable you can change that will affect how your snowboard rides, feels and performs. Adjusting your binding angles does just that.

There are several different stances and setups you can choose from, and they depend on your body’s ability, personal preference and riding style. There is no real right answer. However, there are angles that will make riding in specific conditions different. Stay tuned as we go over when to change your snowboard angles and how to do it.

Is Snowboarding Hard? Breaking Down the Reality for Beginners

Strapping on a snowboard for the first time is like stepping onto a dance floor with two left feet – the rhythm’s all off, and there’s a lot of falling! But hey, who says tripping over your own feet can’t be fun?

The real question isn’t “Is snowboarding hard?” but rather, “How hard will you laugh when you faceplant into a snowdrift?” So let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of snowboarding difficulty to discover how tough your snowboarding journey may be.

Regular and Goofy Snowboarding Stances: What Do They Mean?

Ever wondered why some people blaze down the slopes with their left foot in front while others ride right-foot first? Well, it’s all about the snowboarding stance – how you stand on the board.

Getting it right is as vital as suitable clothing, the right snowboard and being in the mountains – rather than parading around your house in full kit. The correct stance will help you to balance, improve your control and make your ride smoother than a hot chocolate on a cold day.

Mastering Ski and Snowboard Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules

Many new skiers and snowboarders, myself included when I learnt a couple of decades ago, seem to think that going fast makes them a respected mountain user. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. To be respected has nothing to do with your ability to go quickly, and is more about understanding mountain etiquette.

From the newbies learning on the bunny hill to seasoned shredders, everyone benefits from following the rules that govern slope behavior. They are there to improve safety and enjoyment, but they also create camaraderie and respect within the snow sports community – no matter what speed you go.