HEET Goggle

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If you can't see where you're going on a snowmobile or while you're skiing or snowboarding things can go sideways fast. That's why it's important to be fog-free, all day. Enter Abom's heated, fog-free goggles!


  • Transparent, electrically heated film layer between two outer layers
  • Two power modes:
    • On-Demand - automatically turns off after 5 minutes
    • Always On - stays on all day, auto-adjusting to humidity
  • Auto-adjusting LED indicator adjusts to a comfortable brightness
  • Lighter, smaller, and a closer fit to the face
  • Impact-resistant outer lens
  • Interchangeable lens system
  • 11 color & tint options for every condition

*Please select Color choices from the drop-down menus. Clicking a picture does not select the lens. 

Included in each lens purchase:

  • Microfiber goggle pouch