Abom ONE

Once you've dropped in, there's no turning back. But a fogged up lens can stop you in your tracks. What if you could stay fog free, all day, guaranteed? Enter Abom's heated, fog-free goggles!

Each Abom ONE Goggle uses electronic anti-fog technology to keep your vision crystal clear throughout the day. Better than any anti-fog coating, Abom uses a transparent, electrically heated thin-film layer that is placed between two outer lenses. 

Abom tech powers your goggle with two different modes: a quick tap for On Demand mode, to fight fog when you need it most, which automatically turns off after 5 minutes, saving the battery life; or a long press for Always On mode, fighting fog all day, with 5+ hours of battery life before needing a recharge. 

These goggles also feature a high-quality, impact resistant Carl Zeiss outer lens. Each lens is interchangeable--with 9 different lens choices, this means clear vision for every condition! Unlike other goggles, if this goggle get wet on the inside, just wipe it out since the inner lens is made from hard poly-carbonate. Goggle ventilation pulls cool air in for better comfort.