ABOM HEET Sky Blue Mirror

ABOM HEET Sky Blue Mirror

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The ABOM HEET Sky Blue goggle takes ABOM's electronic anti-fog technology to the next level to keep your vision crystal clear throughout your snow sports session. Better than any anti-fog coating, ABOM uses a transparent thin-film electric heater that is placed on the inside part of inner lens in the double lens stack up.

ABOM technology powers your goggle with two different modes so you can choose your path to fog-free sight. A quick tap of the side button puts the goggle into On Demand Mode to fight fog when you need it, then powers down automatically after a few minutes to preserve battery life, allowing for up to multi-day use between battery recharging. A prolonged press of the side button puts the goggle into Always On Mode, fighting fog all day long, with six or more hours of battery life before the need for battery recharging. In either mode, tap the side button for a minute of higher level boost heat.

New Features in the ABOM HEET Model Goggles:

  • In the Always On Mode ABOM's onboard environmental sensor automatically turns the goggle heater on when fogging is imminent or fogging is occurring and or turns off the goggle heater when it is not needed, conserving power for maximum battery life.
  • Six to ten hours of battery life in Always On Mode (battery life varies by user, use and outside temperature).
  • The auto-adjusting LED indicator adjusts to a comfortable brightness in a range of lighting conditions with the light getting brighter on sunny days (making the light easier to see in high ambient light conditions) and dimmer in darker ambient light conditions.
  • The ABOM HEET has less weight, sits closer to the face and has a smaller profile than the ABOM ONE model allowing for a more versatile face fit for men and women and maximum helmet compatibility for ski, snowboard and snow mobile helmets.

Includes a microfiber goggle pouch, USB wall charger and a micro USB cord. The ABOM HEET goggle recharges within 3 hours when with a fully drained battery and in less time with a less than fully drained battery.

This goggle also features a high-quality impact resistant outer lens, and the lens is interchangeable for customizable tints made for every light condition. Each lens has an anti-scratch coating for additional durability on both the outer lens and the inside lens too. Unlike every other goggle in the business - if this goggle gets wet inside feel free to wipe it out with a microfiber cloth, as the inner lens is made from hard polycarbonate plastic. Ventilation ports in the goggle allow for air flow that improves its anti-fogging performance, particularly when the user is moving.

The ABOM HEET helmet-compatible goggle provides an extended view through the toric lens design, and its adjustable strap has a memory knit for customized comfort.

The Sky Blue Mirror lens in this ABOM HEET goggle features a copper base tint that is optimal for nearly all ambient lighting conditions.

VLT* - 30%