FAQs - Abom

Frequently asked questions about Abom goggles

I live outside of the United States. Can you ship to me?

Of course! We are able to ship to anywhere in the world. Please be aware that all shipping costs, including duties, international taxes, & customs fees are the customers responsibility. 


I just placed my order. When can I expect it to ship? How long before I get it?

All orders ship within 2 - 5 business days from when the order was placed. We have 2 methods of shipping: Standard & Expedited. With Standard, delivery is typically within 5-10 days after shipment. With Expedited, delivery is typically within 2-5 days after shipment.


How do I swap lenses? 

Written instructions are included in the User Manual, which can be found here. You can also watch this instructional video here


Will they fit in my helmet?

There are many different variables that affect the fit of a goggle—face shape, helmet size, etc. As such, we cannot guarantee the fit of our goggles with any helmet.


What lens color should I get? 

Which lens to choose can vary depending on the conditions your in and your personal preferences. 

If you are mainly out in sunny or bright conditions, colors like the Eclipse Black, Gold Rush Mirror, Silver Blaze and Sunrise Red Mirror are the best choices. 

If you are mainly out in darker conditions, colors like the Lumen Yellow, Resolution Red, Sonar, or Xray Grey or Clear are the best choices. 

For mixed conditions, colors like Flash Green Mirror, Copper Dome, Sky Blue Mirror and may be your best choice. 

New for the 2021-2022 season are our two photochromic lenses: the Crystal Ice & Atomic Orange. Both of these lenses change how light or dark they are based on the amount of light. In dark conditions, the Crystal Ice is clear and the Atomic Orange is a bright orange. In bright conditions, the Crystal Ice is a dark grey, and the Atomic Orange is a dark brown/grey. 

You can also check out this chart here for a visual representation!


What does "VLT" mean? 

"VLT" stands for Visible Light Transmission. It is a measurement of how much light passes through a lens, and is represented as a percentage (%). For example, if a lens has a 20% VLT, it means that 20% of the light passes through the lens, while 80% is blocked. In other words, a low VLT% is more like sunglasses, while a high VLT% is like reading glasses. 


 Do they work with glasses?

Abom goggles are not designed to fit over glasses. However, prescription inserts do work with our goggles. We suggest the Type 1 inserts from Goggles N More. They also have prescription filling services. 


Asian Fit vs. Standard Fit -- what's the difference?

The only difference between our Asian Fit and the Standard Fit models is the amount of foam padding around the frame of the goggle. The Asian Fit (an industry standard term) goggle has more foam padding around the bridge of the nose, for a tighter seal. 


I think there's something going on with my goggles. Can I get them fixed?

Sure! For any issues with your goggle, please contact Abom at general@abom.com, or 503.430.5494. We can help determine whats going on, or open a Warranty claim if we decide we need a closer look. For all returns & warranties, Abom will provide a label to ship the product back to us. 

Please note, any item returned to Abom without Abom's prior authorization may be subject to a 10% restocking charge.


Actually, I changed my mind. Can I return my goggles?

We accept returns for refund as long as the goggle has not been used, is free of stains, smoke or perfume odors, make-up, pet hair, & returned in its original packaging. Contact Abom at general@abom.com or 503.430.5494 for more instructions. For all returns & warranties, Abom will provide a label to ship the product back to us.