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ABOM.com is not just a business - it's a platform where adventure comes to life. We're about more than just sports. We're about a lifestyle that's defined by courage, determination, and a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

At ABOM.com, our mission is to inspire, guide, and equip adventurers of all backgrounds and experience levels. We believe in the transformative power of outdoor adventures – the way they can refresh our minds, challenge our bodies, and ignite our spirits. We strive to be a reliable resource for those seeking the thrill of exploration, sharing comprehensive guides, tips, and insights to enhance your outdoor experiences.

Our goal is to build a vibrant community that empowers individuals to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the wild. We’re dedicated to creating a space where everyone, from seasoned explorers to first-time adventurers, can share their experiences, learn from each other, and continue to push their boundaries. Together, we are committed to creating a world where the adventure is always just around the corner, and the great outdoors is appreciated and preserved for future generations.

We aim to foster a deep respect for the natural world and promote responsible outdoor practices. Through our platform, we encourage responsible adventure that safeguards the delicate balance of our ecosystems. We want to help individuals discover the joy of the outdoors while emphasizing the importance of leaving no trace, preserving natural spaces, and advocating for their protection.

Meet the Team

Dan Barnard
Founder, Abom.com

With over two decades immersed in the adventure and outdoor industry, Dan’s journey has been shaped by relentless pursuits ranging from mastering the mountains as an experienced climber to navigating some of the world’s most challenging white-water rapids. His extensive experiences and collaborations with adventurers across the globe have not only honed his expertise but have also cemented his reputation as an authoritative voice in the adventure community.

Recognizing the need for authentic and seasoned insights, Dan founded abom.com. This platform goes beyond being just a repository of adventure; it brings together the collective wisdom of industry veterans, ensuring that every reader is armed with the knowledge and inspiration they need to embark on their own extraordinary adventures. Dan’s unwavering dedication remains: to inspire, guide, and enrich the lives of fellow adventure enthusiasts through the unparalleled joys that the outdoor lifestyle brings.

Twenty years ago Luke tried snowboarding and got instantly hooked. He quit his job and moved to Whistler, Canada. Over a season he developed into a dedicated snowboarder and became determined to work in the field.

A couple of decades later he’s an award winning snowboard journalist, writing for magazines, brands and tour operators. He’s the founder of popular action sport website AWE365.com and well known in the winter sports industry.

He’s snowboarded at 200+ ski areas across Europe, Japan and North America and tested gear made by the majority of popular snowboard brands. His intimate knowledge of snowboarding is only eclipsed by his passion to shred.

Luke Rees
Snowboarding Journalist
Anthony Butt
Snowboarding Expert

Originally from Northern Ontario, Anthony now calls Whistler, Canada home. As an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for science and tourism writing, he chases excitement and communicates his experiences through his work.

Anthony holds CASI 2 and CSIA 1 certifications. He has over seven years of teaching and coaching experience as a snowsports instructor and 18 seasons of skiing and snowboarding under his belt

Anthony spends much of his days immersed in mountain culture. Skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking take up his free time with the occasional summer backpacking adventure.

The Legend of the Yeti

Adventure in Its Rawest Form

Deep within the heart of the majestic Himalayas, shrouded in the veil of ancient folklore, lies the captivating legend of the Yeti. Known as the Abominable Snowman, this enigmatic creature has captured the imaginations of countless adventurers, beckoning them to embark on an endless quest to unveil its mysteries. Whispers of its elusive presence have echoed through the mountains for centuries, with stories of encounters passed down through generations, weaving a tapestry of intrigue that has lured the curious and the brave alike.

The legend tells of a creature of immense strength and stealth, a solitary sentinel roaming the icy peaks and treacherous terrain, leaving only its enigmatic footprints as a testament to its existence. Sightings of the Yeti have been few and far between, with descriptions varying from a towering, ape-like figure to a more human-like being, draped in a thick coat of fur to protect against the harsh elements. While skeptics question the truth behind the myth, the lure of the Yeti continues to inspire countless adventurers, drawn to the mountains by the promise of the unknown. They venture into the uncharted wilderness, driven by the indomitable spirit of exploration and the hope that they too may one day catch a glimpse of the legendary creature that has long haunted the dreams of those who dare to tread the path less traveled.

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