16 of the Best Snowboard Brands in 2023

Snowboarding hasn’t always been as popular and as big as it is today. The creation and development of the sport had its fair share of hurdles and challenges, with a few notable rule breakers to propel snowboarding to the masses. From its rebellious beginnings, snowboarding has developed into a mainstream winter sport made accessible by the many brands that created, improved and optimized their products for the industry.

Each brand has forged its own path into the snowboard industry through its own vision, research and development This article aims to explore, compare and critique some of the major snowboard brands that exist and continue to propel the sport forward.


Anyone that snowboards or even has an interest in the sport will have heard about the brand Burton. Formed in 1977 by legendary freethinker Jake Burton, Burton became the first snowboard manufacturing company on the market. It was this company that helped grow the snowboard industry to what it is today. With such a legacy, it’s no surprise Burton has some of the best and highest quality hard and soft goods products on the market.

Burton’s pockets are deep, which means they have the ability to spend a lot on innovation and development. They invented and sold the first step-in binding system, which in recent years has been reengineered to rival the performance of traditional bindings. They also invented the Channel System, which allows for faster stance and angle adjustments versus a traditional mounting system.   

Burton implements new technology and features into their snowboards annually. Their “Infinite Ride Technology” is essentially a combination of materials that creates and maintains a snowboard’s flex and pop through the lifetime of the snowboard. Burton has a wide selection of hard and soft goods that can fit pretty much any rider. The company is also known for having one of the best warranty programs in the industry. They manufacture their snowboards with quality materials and stand behind any issues that arise from defects. 

Because of Burton’s testament to quality, you stand to pay a little more for their products. They are also a massively well known brand, and as with major corporations, profits are usually front and center.  


Capita Snowboards is a serious contender for one of the top snowboard brands on the market. Originally created in 2000 in Oregon, USA, Capita envisioned crafting high quality snowboards by hand with an environmentally friendly operating footprint. Fun fact, their entire manufacturing facility in Austria is run from clean electricity created by their own hydroelectric plant beside the plant. How rad!  

Capita only makes snowboards. That means all of their time spent on innovation and development goes right into one product line. They were the first brand to introduce “hybrid camber” into their snowboards, essentially improving the performance of freestyle snowboards forever. Other brands eventually followed. However, this early addition put Capita on the map and helped drive the Capita DOA snowboard as one of the most popular snowboards on the market.  

Capita proudly makes the majority of their snowboards by hand. This ensures extremely high quality and superb attention to detail unrivaled by brands that build snowboards using a machine production line. The development of their boards was thanks to consulting and working with multiple pro athletes, which has led to industry leading designs and performance enhancing technology. Even the graphics available on their snowboards are impressive. All of this attention to detail will cost you. Capita snowboards tend to be more pricey than other comparable snowboards.  

Although Capita is known for a lot of high quality advanced ability snowboards, they don’t make any beginner snowboards. You will have to step up your skill level to handle and truly enjoy their products. Let this motivate your snowboarding progression. 


Ride Snowboards was developed in 1992 out of Washington State, USA. Originally a smaller brand, they found early success with the durability, price and unique shapes they were putting out. The 90’s also saw this brand develop a soft good and snowboard binding line to compliment their snowboards.

Ride is known for producing very durable snowboards. They can take a thrashing and still perform well. The company also has one of the best warranty programs on the market. They are also known as well priced for their performance. This brand also just feels like a real snowboard brand. Rebellious, laid back and chill. 

In recent years, the Ride Warpig has become one of the most popular snowboards for all-mountain riders due to its wider shape and extremely poppy profile. People who have a Ride snowboard are hardcore riders loyal to this brand.       


If you’re a skier, you know the brand Rossignol. They have been handcrafting skis for over 100 years and are known as one of the best ski manufacturers on the planet. In the 1980s, Rossignol decided to expand the company to manufacturing snowboards implementing ski technology into their snowboards. 

Rossignol snowboards are known for making high quality snowboards. Over 100 years of quality control on the ski side has helped them iron out any kinks in the manufacturing process and apply this to their snowboard line. They make impressively good beginner boards, and in recent years have developed a line of advanced freeride snowboards like the XV Sashimi that rivals independent snowboard brands. The bases are strong and notably fast, with impressive glide in most conditions.   

This company will always be seen as a ski brand and a really good one at that. Some snowboarders don’t like the idea of a brand that makes both. Rossignol products are also seen as a bit more expensive than the competition, so you’ll have to shell out a bit more for one of their products.   


Salomon is another one of those ski brands that didn’t want to be left out of the snowboard market as it grew exponentially in the 90s. It’s one of the best decisions Salomon would come to make as they have positioned themselves among the top snowboard companies in the world. 

Just like Rossignol, Salomon takes its in house experience from manufacturing high quality skis into the development of high quality snowboards. Salomon has developed an impressive amount of technology into their snowboards that seems to resonate with the masses of male and female advanced and expert riders. Several different unique camber profiles give riders the perfect selection of playfulness to responsiveness. They are known as aggressive, mountain charging boards that can dependably perform on the most intimidating terrain. 

Salomon also manufactures boots and bindings so you can get your entire snowboard setup from a single brand. This is always a great option when building a set-up because you know the brand designed each piece of equipment with the other in mind. Seamless integration and warranty support are very desirable. This brand also tends to target intermediate and advanced riders, so finding a beginner snowboard with Salomon is not an option. The Salomon Assassin is their flagship model, which seems to be very popular to the masses. A stiffer version called the Assassin Pro allows more aggressive riders the opportunity to charge faster and fly higher.   

Salomon snowboards are built tough. Again, this brand leveraged its experience from developing skis for decades into creating high quality snowboards. The Salomon warranty program is also incredibly impressive, so if something does go wrong, the company has your back.    

Never Summer

When Neversummer started, their snowboards were tailored to the locals in Colorado that wanted aggressive, freeride machines. Neversummer was known for creating stiff, traditional camber snowboards that were fast, twitchy and made for the advanced rider. 

Today, Neversummer has shifted its technology and vision to focus more on snowboards that are softer, and more playful with Rocker Camber (hybrid camber). The line of snowboards this company makes is loved by beginner and intermediate riders. The many types of camber profiles available make Neversummer well positioned for all mountain and freestyle riders looking for superb control.  

Neversummer snowboards are among some of the best quality snowboards on the market due to their strict quality control as well as being manufactured in the United States. The snowboards are built tough, and if you hold one of these snowboards, you can instantly see and feel the craftsmanship and attention to detail. They do tend to be more expensive than the competition for the higher quality. You might also notice the weight to be a touch more than a similar sized snowboard from another brand.   

Lib Tech

Lib Tech snowboards remind me of that kid in the back of the class. Disruptive, loud and a bit different. If there is one snowboard brand that seems to mirror the ruckus and delinquency seen in the skateboarding industry, Lib Tech is that brand. 

Lib Tech is another success story from the United States that has added some very unique technology to snowboard designs. One of which is Magne-Traction. This acts like a serrated edge on snowboards which helps snowboards hold an edge better and improve carving performance. The most impressive change to traditional snowboard design came with the introduction of Banana Technology. This was the first example of hybrid camber and completely changed what a snowboard’s camber profile could be.

Lib Tech snowboards are unique, and their lineup of snowboards caters to most types of riders and are built eco-friendly with renewable and eco-safe materials right in the USA. One of the most popular snowboards from Lib Tech is the Lib Tech Orca known as a freerider’s dream resort snowboard. With crazy designs, cool graphics and dependable performance, Lib Tech holds its place as a reputable and innovative snowboard brand.  


Yes. is a smaller snowboard brand that started in 2008 and was actually named after Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan from his presidential campaign. Since 2008, the Yes. brand has been seen as a budget friendly snowboard company that makes great, all around snowboards.

Although a smaller brand, they have developed a few innovative designs that aid in turning performance and increasing efficiency in powder. Yes. is known for catering to the masses of intermediate riders who look for a more budget friendly option. The majority of their snowboards aren’t found in snowboard shops, so to source one out, you usually have to order online.  


K2 is another West Coast brand that started as a ski company in the 1960s and added snowboards to its lineup in the 1980s. This brand is a bit on the quirky side. They make snowboards for every snowboard discipline and ability level. Their snowboards are known for being lightweight and playful to ride. 

K2 snowboards tend to feel a bit different than other brands. Some people enjoy the relaxed ride feel, while others experienced riders find they are a bit dull and lifeless at speed. It’s best to do your research and demo one of their boards before dropping the money on one of these.


Freeriders were ecstatic with the creation of Jones Snowboards in 2010. Jeremy Jones, a legendary freerider took all his knowledge from an impressive freeriding career and developed a line of snowboards to excel on the steep and deep.

Snowboards from Jones have developed a strong reputation for making high quality directional snowboards. These designs cater to more of the riding seen by all-mountain and freeriders and as such freestyle riders are left out in the cold. Technology unique to this brand includes spoon technology in the nose improving float, setback stances and stiffer camber profiles which makes riding advanced and expert terrain more controllable. The splitboards Jones sells are also some of the best on the market. 

Jones snowboards also tend to be made from more sustainably sourced materials like plant based carbon, volcanic rock infused composites and wood. They also donate 1% of profits to sustainable nonprofit organizations.   

Jones also released their own binding line with the freerider in mind. Matching brands not only looks cool, but you know the company made sure compatibility and vision holds true in both pieces of equipment. 


Arbor snowboards was created in 1995 with a vision to blend innovation, old school craftsmanship and sustainability. This is probably the most sustainable snowboard brand on the market. From their sustainable materials and clean energy to planting trees to offset their carbon footprint, this brand is devoted to protecting our winters. 

Arbor snowboards are said to perform as well as they look. A lot of this brand’s snowboards look like someone cut a strip off a tree and sent it down the slopes. The all wood construction provides superb dampening and a snappy feel when riding. The two simple camber profiles have been slightly adjusted from traditional profiles to allow for more edge grip under the feet. 

Each model from Arbor has either a camber or rocker profile, so you can easily make the best decision for your personal riding style. They also have an impressive line of female snowboards devoted to matching females with a softer and more controllable snowboard.

Arbor Snowboards has something for most types and skills of riders, they look great and perform well. They are a touch on the expensive side but as with most things in this industry, you get what you pay for.    


Gnu is one of the OG snowboard brands. Founded in Washington State in 1977, Gnu still makes all of their snowboards by hand in the United States. Because of this, Gnu holds one of the top spots for high quality snowboards on the market today. 

Gnu is owned by the parent company Mervin Manufacturing, which also owns brands like Lib Tech, Roxy and Bent Metal. Some of the tech from these other brands have made its way into Gnu products. Just like Lib Tech, these snowboards come with the serrated steak knife technology Magne-Traction. 

Another unique aspect of Gnu boards is that they are not symmetrical. Both the toe and heel edges are slightly different to help dive into heelside turns faster and improve balance on the toe edge. Some riders really like this innovation, while others seem to hate it. It’s worth demoing one of these snowboards before purchasing to see how you perform on it. 

They cater to all riders and truly have something for everyone, from aggressive freeriders to park rats and beginners. They even sell splitboards. When it comes to price, they are competitively priced within the upper tier of snowboards. Although a touch on the pricier side, the quality alone should entice you into opening your cheque book.   


Nitro Snowboards is yet another brand originating out of the West Coast of Washington State. The brand was created in 1990 and became popular for those searching out powder. Right from the get-go, Nitro introduced some wacky designs before aligning with the rest of the industry in the mid ’90s. They are still innovators in the industry and continue to come up with new designs and tech like unique camber profiles, powerfully responsive cores and still some wacky shapes. 

Today, Nitro has a snowboard for most riding styles, although the snowboards this company manufactures are tailored more for intermediate and advanced riders. They also tend to run a bit stiffer, which means better performance but more input and skill are required to ride and control the snowboard. 

Nitro snowboards are also built very tough. My 2008 Nitro T2 proudly hangs on my wall after at least 300 solid days on snow. It may have lost some of its camber profile, but I could easily mount bindings on it and still rip it through the park.   


If you happen to be a skateboarder, the brand DC should be familiar to you. The skateboard apparel company founded DC Snowboards in 1994 and not only makes snowboards but also snowboard boots, bindings and softgoods. 

DC has a very small lineup of snowboards geared towards All-Mountain and Freestyle riders. All of their snowboards tend to be on the lighter side due to the reinforcement of carbon fiber from tip to tail. This cuts down on the weight and adds snappy pop and torsional strength for turning. 

DC snowboards have some solid athlete sponsorships, and their boards are well represented in competition. With all this attention, it’s actually a touch difficult to track down a new DC snowboard in person. Ordering online is standard, which doesn’t give you the best option to see and feel it prior to making a decision. 

Rome SDS

This snowboard brand was founded in 2001 by a couple of wingnuts that peaced out from Burton around that time. Did they take a few secrets from the Burton headquarters? That’s hard to say, but Rome has developed into a pretty well known brand in the snowboard community. 

Rome SDS is known for making strong and aggressive snowboards. The technology they employ in their snowboards revolves around reinforcement, strength and durability. From carbon rods milled into the tip and tail to special impact plates under the feet, these snowboards are meant to take a beating and keep on going.

The addition of these materials makes some of the more advanced Rome snowboards incredibly stiff and aggressive to be ridden by advanced riders only. It takes skill and strength to tame some of these snowboards. Rome SDS tends to specialize in making all-mountain and freestyle snowboards, so freeriders don’t really have much to choose from. 

The Rome SDS warranty is also extremely impressive, and I’ve experienced fast warranty replacement when something fails due to a manufacturer defect. Rome SDS also makes some great snowboard bindings to go with their unique snowboards.  


So there you have it, 16 of the best snowboard brands on the market today. Most of the brands listed tend to be comparable. They each have their own unique flairs that make the riding experience a bit different. There are a lot of unique technologies that brands have come up with to win over customers. Some features drastically change riding, while others tend to be marketing fluff.       

Buying a new snowboard can be tricky due to all the choices available. The most important thing is finding a brand that caters to your riding style, ability level and budget. Solid research and advice from fellow riders can really aid in your decision however nothing beats demoing a brand to see how it feels. Notable mentions from the above list are Capita and Salomon for their variety, Jones for the best off-piste selection and Neversummer for the toughest snowboards.

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