Abom ONE

The Abom HEET takes heated lens goggle technology to the next level. On board environmental sensing technology makes possible a low profile, lightweight design that rides closer to your eyes and fits more faces. SEE INTO THE ADVENTURE with the ABOM HEET.

The Abom ONE revolutionized the optics industry with our Abom ONE heated lens goggles. Function comes in a lot of forms but it never looked this good. SEE INTO THE ADVENTURE with the world's first goggle featuring active anti-fog heating with integrated power and control technology.


The biggest
buzz kill.

You’re at the top of the run and ready to rip it up. But there’s a problem we’ve all had that will stop any session cold: fogged goggles.

Fog is made when vapor in the air turns to water faster than it can evaporate. The biggest bummer is when that happens inside your goggles. And once they're fogged, your session is struggling. If you can't see, you can't ski.

The solution: abom technology

How it works

Our patented technology places an invisible electrically-conductive film between a two-part lens. Controlled by a micro-controller, the battery sends a current through the film to heat the lens and keep fog away all day. It's the most powerful, comfortable, effective technology ever put in a goggle.

Active anti-fog vs. fog resistant

Fog resistant goggles fail because they're more work than they're worth, requiring you to constantly adjust vents, turn on fans, or repeatedly wipe the lens.

Active Anti-Fog technology works without you having to do anything because the lens is continuously powered—never allowing fog to form in the first place.

modes in the abom goggle

active mode

always on
eliminates fog all day

boost mode

on demand
eliminates fog when you need it


Abom is a group of inventors, scientists, and designers on a mission to make the future more fun. We're using our superpowers to create world-class gear and solve the problems that get in the way of good times.

Our Story

How a game-changing goggle was born

Abominable Labs Abom Goggles from Active Junky on Vimeo.


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