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Best goggles I have ever bought. I ski in a lot of storms, cold conditions so wet, body heat has always fogged up other goggles. These work great. Charge lasts and I am on season #2. I got the yellow lenses for low visibility since I have two other goggles for varying conditions. You will not be disappointed in this purchase.


My heated ABOM goggles have been fantastic during these past winter months.  Temps recently got down below -100˚F, therefore, having heated goggles to protect my face has truly been a luxury. Throughout the winter I lent the goggles out to several coworkers for them to give it a test spin.  Everybody is impressed with them and envious. 

Anthony K.

The evaluators were impressed at how effective the goggles prevented fogging, with one evaluator commenting "these are the best goggles I have ever used"

U.S. Army